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A native of Brunswick, MD, Chef Steve received his training at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. “After coming back from my first year of college, I wasn’t really sure what to do with my life,” says the chef. “I was working as a bar-back where my brother was working. I struck up a friendship with the chef and began helping him when he was busy. That is where I found out I was good at cooking and enjoyed it, so I decided to go to culinary school to learn more about the profession.”

After stints at luxury country inns, Chef Steve decided to take his skills in a new direction. “I’d grown a bit tired of strictly being a “special occasion” chef,” says Ferrell. “I want to be able to cook for the people I love and the people that live around me for any occasion, special or not!”

Chef Steve and his family live in Hedgesville, WV – just a stone’s throw from his new restaurant.  “I love the natural beauty of our area and the small town charm that we have here. I just feel like the time is right to share my talents with my neighbors.”

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