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Welcome to The Garage on King, where people and food come together. We offer a collection of 8 diverse culinary creations, a premium bar, an event space, and live entertainment, all showcased under one roof. Giving the people of Martinsburg and visitors a unique experience downtown with a wide variety of local food and drink alternatives. We empower local entrepreneurs with limited upfront funds to start their restaurant business and develop their brand and market recognition to open their own restaurants on King and Queen Streets in the future.


1885 -1925

1885 - The Garage on King started as a residential area. The property has six homes on King Street and one on Raleigh Street.

1897 - The property has six homes that were then split into four different properties.

1907 - Two additional housing units were added to Raleigh Street.​

1922 - All of the units were split into eight different lots.

1925 - Blueprints were created for a two-story building for the area now known as The Garage on King.


1931 - The first indication that the property is being used as an auto repair garage. 

1946 - The residential units on the property are replaced by the warehouse in the back of the building behind the garage area.

1963 - The residential units on Raleigh and King Streets are replaced by the parking lot and the showroom. The east parking lot back then was still a residential unit.


1991- Dunn & Seibert Sales Co. turns the building into an appliance shop selling everyday home appliances and needs. This is what most of the Downtown Martinsburg residents remember the building as.

2022- The building is bought by Invest Proxima and construction begins.

2024 - The Garage on King opens as a full service food hall serving the residents and visitors of Downtown Martinsburg.

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